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Rocheville Elementary School has sat vacant since 1972, untouched, ignored even by vandals. But 30 years later there’s life inside. Tom Skolka, the last student to leave the building before it closed, has returned to escape the brutality of the world and relive his childhood memories. But this plan has drawbacks, mostly in the form of the fifth-grade teacher who keeps intruding on Tom’s visions and casting doubts about his sanity. 

"An intelligent and thought-provoking psycho-drama." --JK, Amazon Review

The Rocheville Devil
Trombone Answers

"The dialogue is fast and witty; the characters likable. The time is the 1970s (The Wonder Years), the place small-town Illinois, but the doubts, the fears, the joys of adolescence are timeless. And Donovan gets it all right." --Jane Stevenor

"This is a book you don't need to 'work through,' but rather, one that you can just kick back and slip into, like an old pair of slippers. Donovan's brand of humor is droll and understated, but at the same time can you make you laugh until you cry. An enjoyable read that takes us all back to the heartbreaks of being a late teen/early adult." --Tim Guiden

The Fraternity

Love and Corn and Whatnot

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Fear of the unknown. True love. Untrue love. People who drop the word existentialism into casual conversation. The Great but Short-Lived Bus 4 Strike of ’83. In this sequel to Trombone Answers, Parker Graham faces a new set of challenges with wit and a growing understanding of his place in the world.


"...Donovan’s empathy for his character evokes warmth in the reader as well, making for a pleasantly distracting read." --Little Village, Issue 288


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