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The Fraternity


The recliner rule. The no-milk rule. The you-can’t-be-in-your-room-while-Sanders-is-porking-airheads rule. Freshman Doug Larner finds fraternity life at an all-male college full of arbitrary rules and rituals, but soldiers on with the help of a sympathetic senior who’s looking ahead at the big post-graduation unknown. At opposite ends of their academic careers, these young men forge a friendship amidst the absurdity, hilarity, and ritual of fraternity life.

The Readers Speak...

​“This is a book you don't need to 'work through,' but rather, one that you can just kick back and slip into, like an old pair of slippers. Donovan's brand of humor is droll and understated, but at the same time can you make you laugh until you cry. An enjoyable read that takes us all back to the heartbreaks of being a late teen/early adult.” (Amazon)

​“I was thoroughly entertained.” (Amazon)

​“A tour-de-force account of fraternity life.” (Amazon)

​“ of those rare books that transplants you back in time and space to a simplicity that most of us lose in adulthood.”

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