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People Talking About Fluffball!

"Whether you love basketball or you live in a parallel universe, this book is for you. A treat to read.” --Greg Welch

“Landing blows on owners, players, coaches, advertisers, and the media, Donovan’s satire is a slam dunk.” --Tim Guiden

“The latest in Donovan’s lineup of engaging, entertaining, and funny stories. Fun, bright, and entertaining.” --Stan Himes

“Everything I’ve been wanting to read in a book for a long, long time. I’m now wishing the FBA was a real thing!” --Scott Dreher

“Donovan’s most hilarious outing yet, Fluffball! introduces readers to nation’s weirdest team sport and the crazies who dreamed it up. Sports fan or no, grab a copy—it’s engaging, enlightening, and entertaining as hell!” --Mark Lunde

"Like other material by the author, it’s worth a read, and then another read. Once to enjoy the expert storytelling and a second to pick up the subtle throwaway lines that often carry the biggest laughs. Any time you can take a glimpse inside the inner workings of a mind like John Donovan’s, it’s well worth your time." --Karen Swanson


“Literally laughed out loud.” --Julie Lasche Brown

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