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Trombone Answers


It's the 1970s and teenager Parker Graham is pretty sure there's nowhere more idyllic than his little hometown in rural Illinois. His ruminations on dating, religion, sex, friendship, death, marching band, and other important issues provide a witty and poignant narrative in this slice-of-life novel.
The Readers Speak...

“The story is funny, yet poignant; fiction, yet etched in reality; an ancient coming-of-age tale and yet modern enough that the tales within are known to us all. (Amazon)

“Do we need another coming-of-age novel? Yes. And we need this one. Donovan's novel, by turns funny and poignant, chronicles Parker Graham's journey through junior high and high school without shying away from the reality of what it means for a boy to become a man. The dialogue is fast and witty; the characters likable. The time is the 1970s, the place small-town Illinois, but the doubts, the fears, the joys of adolescence are timeless. And Donovan gets it all right. (Amazon)

“As every good book does, Trombone Answers left me wanting much more. If you are raising your own teen-age kids, wanting to travel back to your age of innocence or just looking for an entertaining summer read, Trombone Answers is a book you will find difficult to set down.” (Amazon)

“Beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyable.” (Amazon)

“One of the more exceptional coming-of-age stories I have read simply because you’ve done such a terrific job of letting the reader see into Parker’s head that he really does want to do the right thing, yet he must come to terms with his natural, hormonal urges. --Judge's Comments, Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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