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Love and Corn and Whatnot


Fear of the unknown. True love. Untrue love. People who drop the word existentialism into casual conversation. The Great but Short-Lived Bus 4 Strike of ’83. In this sequel to Trombone Answers, Parker Graham faces a new set of challenges with wit and a growing understanding of his place in the world, and manages to conquer roughly 51.2% of his fears of the world outside Colby City, Illinois.


Intimidated by the "actual intellectuals" he finds at all-male Plainsville College, he plunges ahead, trying to find his writing voice, grappling with religious skepticism, and falling in love with the townie girl he's been "waiting his whole life to find." Set in the early 1980s, the wry and witty narrative also follows Parker--now equipped with a BA in English--into life as a young adult who isn't sure what he has to offer the world.

Of course, as Parker's friend Joe Finley puts it, "You can take the boy out of Muskrat Lake, but you can't take Muskrat Lake out of the boy."

The Readers Speak...

"Just finished this one, and the ending leaves me hoping we get to follow along on Parker Graham's next adventure. More bumptious martinet encounters, please!"  (Amazon)

"...Donovan's empathy for his character evokes warmth in the reader as well, making for a pleasantly distracting read." --Little Village, Issue 288

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