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  • John M Donovan

Where is The Rocheville Devil?

Not long after I published Trombone Answers, I started teasing that my next novel, The Rocheville Devil, would be coming soon. Two years later, I can tell you that my next novel, The Rocheville Devil, is coming soon. I mean it this time.

It’s been edited and proofed. It’s laid out. It has an ISBN number—a really nice one, in my opinion. All it needs is a cover design.

So what’s The Rocheville Devil about? It’s a psychological drama about Tom Skolka, a man whose adult life has been full of bad luck, bad timing, and bad people, and who embarks on a journey to reclaim his innocence. When he discovers the ability to interact with his childhood memories as if he’s actually there, he decides to spend the rest of his life in the last place he remembered being “an innocent in an innocent world”: his old abandoned grade school building.

Problems arise when his fifth-grade teacher and nemesis begins intruding on his visions, causing Tom to struggle with the prudence of his plan—and with his own sanity.

The Rocheville Devil is set in Colby County, Illinois. It’s not episodic like The Fraternity or Trombone Answers, but it’s solid story-telling and it’s coming soon. Seriously.

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